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DOCUMENT TITLE: Briefing of CIA officials by Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ on Remote Viewing
SUBJECT: Scientology OT VII Hal Puthoff and his associate, physicist Russel Targ, meet with and brief CIA officials on success of Remote Viewing experiments
PARTIES: Scientology OT VII Hal Puthoff, Scientology OT VII Ingo Swann; Scientology OT VII Pat Price; Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); John McMahon, head of CIA's Office of Technical Services; "Ken Kress," CIA's Project Officer; Unknown head of CIA's Office of Research and Development (ORD)


Pursuant to the 1 October 1972 CIA contract, Scientology OT VII Hal Puthoff, head of the CIA's secret Remote Viewing program at Stanford Research Institute, briefs "selected CIA officials" on the success of the program. (This briefing, coupled with a later written report on the success of Remote Viewing, will result a year later in a new expanded CIA program under contracts from two divisions of CIA, one of which--Office of Research and Development (ORD) will later utilize Scientology OT VII Ingo Swann for the training of in-house CIA personnel in the Scientology-based Remote Viewing techniques.)

Within 9 days of this briefing, IRS will issue an "administrative summons" on Henning Heldt of the Guardian Office, and on the Church of Scientology of California--where all of Hubbard's copyrighted works are owned--part of a covert plan created with IRS by Meade Emory in his position as Legislation Counsel to the Joint Committee on Taxation.

1 c. February 1973
Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ have meetings with "selected Agency [CIA] personnel," presumably at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, to review the results of their research contract with CIA. Several Office of Research and Development officers show interest in contributiing their own "expertise and office funding" to the research efforts. (Prior to this, the contract has been with CIAs Office of Technical Services [OTS].)
SOURCE: A report, "Parapsychology in Intelligence: A Personal Review and Conclusions," by Dr. Kenneth A. Kress; appeared in the Winter 1977 issue of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA's classified internal publication; report released to the public in 1996

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