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DOCUMENT TITLE: IRS issues Administrative Summons on CSC and Henning Heldt
SUBJECT: IRS issues Administrative Summons on CSC and Henning Heldt
PARTIES: Meade Emory, Legislation Attorney to Joint Committee on Taxation; Donald C. Alexander, Commissioner of IRS; Howard O. Croasmun, Regional Commissioner of IRS, Western Region; Robert Cluberton, IRS agent; Henning Heldt, Vice President CSC, also Deputy Guardian Finance United States; Norton S. Karno, attorney


This "Adminsitrative Summons" issued by IRS is the first shot fired as a result of the plan developed in May of 1971 by Meade Emory and IRS for IRS to take over control of Scientology. It will lead inevitably to an IRS-filed lawsuit that opens the door for their own agent, Norton S. Karno, to begin "representing" CSC and the GO as part of the plan to destroy the existing corporate structure. This excerpt from a ruling in the later suit filed by IRS records the delivery of the IRS-issued Administrative Summons. Donald C. Alexander, who will take Meade Emory on as Assistant Commissioner, has just come on as Commissioner of IRS.

The timing of this Administrative Summons is of interest, coming within 9 days of a secret briefing by Scientology OT VII Hal Puthoff to "selected CIA officials" on the success of the Scientology-based CIA Remote Viewing program being run by Puthoff at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) without the knowledge of Scientology officials.




Docket No. 3352-78.

United States Tax Court

Filed September 24, 1984.

"...On February 9, 1973 agent Cluberton served an administrative summons on Henning Heldt, vice-president and director of [CSC]. [Heldt was also Deputy Guardian Finance in the United States Guardian Office.] The summons specified records and documents to be produced and allowed a 10-day return. Heldt did not comply.

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