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DOCUMENT TITLE: CIA secret report on Remote Viewing of NSA installation: "Verification of Remote Viewing."
SUBJECT: CIA report on results of Scientology OT VIIs Pat Price and Ingo Swann Remote Viewing sessions of a top-secret installation of the National Security Agency (NSA)
PARTIES: Scientology OT VIIs Pat Price and Ingo Swann, key personnel in CIA's secret Remote Viewing program; Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); "K. Green," CIA employee; Unknown head of CIA's Office of Research and Development (ORD); John McMahon, head of CIA's Office of Technical Services (OTS)


In June of 1973 both Ingo Swann and Pat Price, Scientology OT VIIs, had performed Remote Viewing sessions, using Scientology-based techniques, on a top-secret installation of the National Security Agency (NSA). They had only been provided the geographic coordinates by the CIA without being apprised of the nature of the location they were to remote view. They both returned information that was so startling to CIA and NSA officials that it resulted in a major security investigation within the agencies.

On 9 November 1973 "K. Green" of CIA issues a secret CIA report on the event entitled "Verification of Remote Viewing." (Six days later, on 15 November 1973, the United States District Court issues a ruling in favor of IRS and against the Guardian Office's Henning Heldt and the Church of Scientology of California (CSC) in the suit against them that had been filed by IRS.)

9 November 1973
CIAs K. Green issues a report on a 1 June 1973 coordinate remote viewing experiment with Ingo Swann and Pat Price that had targetted a secret NSA installation in West Virginia. It is cited as: "K. Green; LSD/OSI; Memorandum for the Record; Subject: Verification of Remote Viewing Experiments at Stanford Research Institute; 9 November 1973. (SECRET)." The "new directors" of CIAs Office of Technical Services and Office of Research and Development are very favorably impressed.
SOURCE: A report, "Parapsychology in Intelligence: A Personal Review and Conclusions," by Dr. Kenneth A. Kress; appeared in the Winter 1977 issue of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA's classified internal publication; report released to the public in 1996

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