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SUBJECT: L. Ron Hubbard's personally approved estate plan
PARTIES: Meade Emory and Sherman Lenske, architects of the probate, the "estate plan," the corporate restructuring, and the "L. Ron Hubbard Library" fraud; Sherman Lenske, clerk for approved "estate plan"


Sherman Lenske claims in a Declaration that in October 1981 L. Ron Hubbard devised and informed Lenske of an "estate plan" that particularly took into account Hubbard's intellectual property: the copyrights and trademarks.

Although Lenske claims it went through several "refinements" to the plan "continuing into 1982," and a final approval by Hubbard, Lenske contradicts himself and the facts, because there were five major corporations absolutely crucial to the overall plan. One of them, Bridge Publications, Inc. (BPI), central to the publication of the copyrighted works, had already been incorporated as far back as 2 February 1981, and two of the other crucial corporations, Author Services, Inc., and Church of Scientology International (CSI), had been incorporated on 13 October and 19 November 1981, respectively. Lenske also claims that personal approval by Hubbard of the incorporation of the Religious Technology Center (RTC) was part of this alleged plan by "Hubbard," and RTC, an absolutely vital building block in the overall fraudulent "estate plan," was incorporated on the very first day of 1982, so there couldn't have been many very major "refinements" to be done "continuing into 1982." The only major corporation of the "big five" left to incorporate for this "estate plan" was the crown jewel in the plan (which was actually created by Meade Emory anyway, not by "L. Ron Hubbard"), and that was the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST)--primary beneficiary of the whole plan.

Of course what Sherman Lenske omits mentioning altogether is the years he, himself, had been working behind the scenes with Norton S. Karno, surreptitiously stripping the intellectual property Lenske claims was part of this "estate plan" out of the organizations where L. Ron Hubbard had assigneed them into perpetuity, and dumping them into the Hubbard estate.

But ignoring that for the moment: where is this "estate plan" Lenske says he got from "L. Ron Hubbard?" We're estimating its absolute final approval by no later than 1 April 1982 (if it even exists) for every last tiny detail having been hammered out, because on 10 May 1982, "L. Ron Hubbard" signs six different documents:

FOUR mentioned in the very same Declaration by the very same Sherman Lenkse (a Will, a trust, an Advanced Technology assignment agreement, and a trademarks assignment agreement),


ONE mentioned in letter to IRS from Lenske's fellow "co-founder" of CST, Lyman Spurlock (an "Option Agreement" between L. Ron Hubbard and CST--except that CST didn't exist yet at the time),


ONE mentioned in a later Lenske-drafted document (a "Business Management Agreement" with Author Services, Inc. signed on 10 May 1982).

That's SIX vitally important legal documents all signed on the same day. There had to have been revisions leading up to the signing. We know there had to be, because there allegedly are two "proposed agreements" that purportedly were never signed at all on 10 May 1982, those also being mentioned in the fatally flawed Spurlock letter to IRS. So if Sherman Lenske isn't just a bare-faced liar covering up the fact that there was no Hubbard, that all of this planning was actually done by IRS's Meade Emory, then, all of these documents had to be part of some "estate plan" that had gone back and forth between Lenske and "Hubbard" and been approved by "Hubbard." Becaue that's what Sherman claims.

So where is it? Where is the Estate Plan?

This is only the master plan that restructured all of Scientology, that's all, and took almost all inheritance away from Hubbard's rightful heirs, his family, and put all the intellectual property firmly under the control of CST, and thereby IRS. This supposedly was L. Ron Hubbard's master "estate plan" that Sherman Lenske specifically refers to as Hubbard having personally approved every last detail of.

So where is it?

We know where it is: Sherman Lenske has a copy. And this is the very plan that created everything that led to IRS granting tax exemption, so the IRS has a copy. We think they ought to cough it up. Don't you? If so, let them know.

You can contact Sherman Lenske here:


And you can contact the IRS about it in our Complaint Department.

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