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DOCUMENT TITLE: Assignment Agreement (LRH/RTC) (Marks) [PROPOSED]
SUBJECT: Purported "assignment" of several trademarks from L. Ron Hubbard to Religious Technology Center (RTC)
PARTIES: No parties; purportedly, the agreement was never executed


No copy of the document being referred to is available, except to IRS, who does have a copy. It purportedly is a different, unsigned version of the Trademarks Assignment Agreement that actually was executed on 10 May 1982, ostensibly by the missing L. Ron Hubbard, and later by representatives of the Religious Technology Center (RTC).

This unsigned "proposed" agreement is known to exist because a "co-founder" of Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), Lyman D. Spurlock, (really only a go-fer assistant to Meade Emory) refers to the proposed Assignment Agreement in a letter of 21 May 1987 to Marvin Frielander, Exempt Organizations Ruling Branch, Internal Revenue Service.

This is one of two such "proposed" agreements that Spurlock says exist. The other is a "proposed" assignment agreement for the Advance Technology that was never signed, but which we've also accomodated with an entry, to memorialize it.

In his letter, Spurlock claims that the proposed (not final) agreement was inadvertently attached to a 10 May 1982 Option Agreement purportedly between L. Ron Hubbard and CST (also unavailable, except to IRS) when the Hubbard/CST Option Agreement was submitted to IRS for review. This Hubbard/CST Option Agreement has its own story conclusively proving fraud.

One thing left curiously unexplained in the Spurlock letter to IRS is how the IRS could have ever thought that the "proposed agreement" for the marks was the actual agreement if it is, indeed, unsigned. But that will remain unexplained until IRS is forced to cough it up.

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