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SUBJECT: Addendum to 10 May 1982 Assignment Agreement (LRH/RTC) granting limited rights in Advanced Technology--U.S.--to Religious Technology Center (RTC)
PARTIES: L. Ron Hubbard, Assignor; RTC, Assignee; Sherman Lenske, attorney who drafted the document; Stephen Glen Marlowe, President RTC; Laura Marlowe, Secretary RTC; David Miscavige, Notary Public for "Hubbard" signing; Bev Mustard, Notary Public for Marlowes signing


The document below, purportedly signed on or around 1 July 1982 by L. Ron Hubbard, is the Addendum to the 10 May 1982 "Assignment Agreement" granting limited rights in the Advanced Technology delivery in the United States to RTC--exclusive of copyrights, which are all owned by the corporation known as "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST). (This document is also included with the Assignment Agreement at 10 May 1982, but placed here separately to reflect when L. Ron Hubbard is purported to have executed it. This is only an estimation of the date of his purported signing, because Sherman Lenske only says in his 12 November 1995 Declaration that "Hubbard" signed it "a month or two" after the 10 May 1982 "Assignment Agreement.")

Few legal documents have ever generated so much confusion as the Assignment Agreement and this Addendum, or had so much confusion intentionally sewn into them, but there are five different dates that have been associated with the Assignment, and such confusion of dates was no doubt intentional. Here, in chronological order, is the actual breakdown of dates associated with this document and its parent document, the 10 May 1982 "Assignment Agreement," taken from the convoluted explanation by the drafting attorney, Sherman Lenske, in his Declaration:

1 January 1982: Date of RTC incorporation, and therefore date for "reference" of the Addendum, as well as allegedly intended "effective date" of "the document" (whether of the Addendum alone or of the entire Assignment plus Addendum, Lenske does not specify, but it must include both).

19 January 1982: Date of announcement of new "Advanced Technology levels, known as New OT VIII through New OT XI" which were added to the Assignment by the Addendum. This date was put on the Addendum allegedly to reflect when those Advanced Technology levels were announced, and therefore became effective in relation to the Assignment.

10 May 1982: Date that L. Ron Hubbard purportedly signed the Assignment itself (but not the Addendum, which was created later and back-dated to both 1 January and 19 January 1982, as above). This is the earliest date of execution by any party, and so this is the date where we place this document in chronology.

16 May 1982: Date that Glen and Laura Marlowe signed the Assignment itself as representatives of RTC (but not the Addendum, which was created later and back-dated to both 1 January and 19 January 1982, as above). Note that this is the date written at the top of the Assignment itself. According to Sherman Lenske, Glen Marlowe "inadvertently filled in" this date, omitting the year.

Circa 1 July 1982: Approximate date on which the Addendum was actually created and executed by "L. Ron Hubbard" and Glen and Laura Marlowe. Lenske only says the Addendum was created and executed "a month or two" after the Assignment itself. A month would be around 15 June, two would be around 15 July, so we've split the difference.

This is the total explanation offered by Lenske for the incredible convolution of dates. No explanation is given for why the Assignment was not just executed on the so-called "intended" effective date (1 January 1982), or for why the "new" Advanced Technology (AT) levels were not included in the original Assignment (since they had been released for four months when it was executed on 10 May 1982), or for why it took a "month or two" for anyone to realize that the "new" AT levels had been left off of the Assignment. Lenske claims in his Declaration that it was an "oversight."

For more information, see the original "Assignment Agreement" of 10 May 1982, which does include this Addendum. But here it is separately, presented at the approximate it is purported to have been signed by L. Ron Hubbard.


THIS ADDENDUM is effective January 19, 1982, and modifies the
Assignment Agreement--Advanced Technology--U.S. dated for reference
January 1, 1982, by replacing Exhibit 1 with the following list of
Preclear/Pre-OT Processing Levels. With this change only, the
agreement remains in effect.



Grade V & VA Release            The Power and Power Plus
                                Processes (Power Release)

Grade VI Release                R6 End Words (Whole Track

Clear                           Clearing Course

OT I                            Section One Operating Thetan

OT II                           Section Two Operating Thetan

OT III                          Section Three Operating Thetan

New OT IV                       Operating Thetan Drug Rundown

New OT V                        Audited New Era Dianetics for
                                Operating Thetans

New OT VI                       Hubbard Solo New Era Dianetics
                                For Operating Thetans Auditing

New OT VII                      Solo New Era Dianetics for
                                Operating Thetans Completion

New OT VIII                     Truth Revealed

New OT IX                       Character

New OT X                        Operating

New OT XI                       Future

L - 10                          List 10

L - 11                          New Life Rundown

L - 12                          Flag OT Executive Rundown

OT Review Auditing

                           L. RON HUBBARD

                           RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER

                           By [signature "Stephen Glen Marlowe"]
                           Its President

                           By [signature: "Laura Marlowe"]
                           Its Secretary

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