Forged "Veritas" Posts, And Our PGP Key: 

The old saw is that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Like all old saws, they get dull and useless after a while. Veritas has been imitated recently, and flattery was far from the intent. 

In the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, someone has been posting obscene and inflammatory messages, and putting "Veritas" in the "From" line of the message, trying to make it appear that these obscenities were posted by someone connected with this web site in order to discredit us and the information we have made known. Of course, we make easy prey, because we have not trademarked the name Veritas, and are a public service information group with limited resources for combatting these kind of underhanded tactics. 

The Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), whose secrets we have exposed on our site, armed with millions of dollars from the copyrights they own and other assets, and with a large intellegence organization--the Office of Special Affairs--might arguably have the most to be gained by discrediting us through such forgery, fraud and duplicity. (For more on such forgery and fraud, be sure and see "New Slant on Fraud?" and the other pages on our site.) The forged posts were sent through, and we have no way of finding out who actually sent them. 

But whoever is amoral and unethical enough to stoop to such reprehensible tricks, we have now taken steps to prevent our readers and the public from being fooled. We have set up a PGP key, which henceforth will be used to sign every post we make to every newsgroup, and on every e-mail message we send. 

Please click the link below to get our public key so you can always verify any message you see that claims to be from Veritias. And our thanks go out to those who saw through the fraud. 

Click here for our public key